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Alkermes launches award program for research on CNS disorders

Published 07 May 2018

Alkermes has launched a new competitive awards program called the ALKERMES Pathways Research Awards Program to support the next generation of researchers working on the front lines to advance understanding and awareness of central nervous system (CNS) disorders.

In its inaugural year, the Pathways program will support research projects focused on helping those living with substance use disorders (SUD), including those relating to the use of opioids, alcohol, cannabis, and other SUDs. The application period is now open and will run through Aug. 5, 2018.

Alkermes chief medical officer and medicines development and medical affairs senior vice president Craig Hopkinson said: "With 20.2 million adults living with substance use disorders in 20161, and related mortality rates in the U.S. rising rapidly, there is an urgent need to prioritize research that can help improve prevention, advance treatment and recovery, and increase awareness of these issues.

"Through the Pathways program, we are eager to provide the next generation of scientific and medical researchers with the resources they need to uncover new ways to address these challenges."

The annual Pathways program provides funding for up to four research projects with grant amounts of up to $100,000 per project.

Pathways program grants will be awarded to junior investigators who have demonstrated their commitment to helping people living with SUDs. Qualifying junior investigators include M.D.s or Ph.D.s who are within five years of their initial academic appointment or are currently post-doctoral fellows.

Eligible recipients must be affiliated with a non-profit academic or research institution within the U.S. Full eligibility criteria are available on the program website. 

Submissions will be evaluated by an independent review committee comprised of specialists in psychiatry, neurobiology, pharmacology, and behavioral science from academic research centers that focus on SUDs.

To qualify, projects must focus on at least one of the following areas: SUD treatment, management and prevention; SUD and its complications in special populations; basic, clinical and translational research related to SUDs; and health economics outcomes research related to SUDs.

Waggoner chair and Baylor College of Medicine Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Immunology & Pathology professor Thomas Kosten said: "Addiction is a devastating disease that not only impacts the person living with the disorder but also family, friends and entire communities.

"If our goal is to stem the tide of this epidemic, it is critical that we continue to explore and implement new approaches to combat this growing public health crisis."

The application process opened today and closes on Aug. 5, 2018. Grant recipients will be announced in December 2018.

Source: Company Press Release.