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American CryoStem, PGen to develop cellular therapies for wound healing

PBR Staff Writer Published 06 April 2012

American CryoStem and Protein Genomics (PGen) have collaborated to develop cellular therapies for the wound healing, regenerative and cellular therapy markets.

PGen will put in certain know-how and trade secrets including its patented, Elastatropin human based protein, into the collaboration.

American CryoStem will contribute certain intellectual property, know-how and trade secrets including clinically prepared adipose derived stem cells using its proprietary tissue processing and the company's patented stromal cell culture media.

The collaboration will primarily focus on developing applications for injuries and conditions that are difficult to treat, with estimated costs of care in excess of $35bn per year.

PGen CEO Burt Ensley said: "We anticipate that the combination of American CryoStem's patented technology with PGen's intellectual property will create tremendous opportunities in the medical device and wound healing markets."