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Cellect, denovoMATRIX to combine stem cell production technologies

Published 06 July 2018

Cellect Biotechnology, a developer of a stem cell production technology, has signed a collaboration and material transfer agreement with the denovoMATRIX group of the Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden).

TU Dresden and its Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD), is one of the leading centers for stem cell research in Germany.

The two entities believe that the combination of both proprietary technologies may result in significant enhancement of the overall stem cell selection and expansion processes.

According to the agreement, the team of denovoMATRIX employed by TU Dresden will conduct examinations into the tentative synergy between Cellect’s ApoGraft and the denovoMAtrix technology for the purpose of evaluating collaborative development of products for regenerative medicine.

To that end, a denovoMATRIX scientist will conduct a line of experiments in Cellect’s R&D facility in Israel.

In the event of successful completion of the evaluation stage, both sides agreed to negotiate in good faith a potential mutual development agreement, for the development of a stem cell related product.

Cellect will have the sole discretion on determining the level of success of the evaluation stage.

Source: Company Press Release