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Ferring, Enteris to develop oral formulation of peptide-based injectable therapeutic

Published 31 January 2017

Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Enteris BioPharma have signed a license agreement to develop an oral formulation of a peptide-based injectable therapeutic.

It will leverage Enteris’ proprietary and patented oral peptide and small molecule delivery platform, Peptelligence, to engineer an oral formulation of a peptide-based injectable therapeutic developed by Ferring.

Under the terms of the agreement, Enteris BioPharma will license to Ferring its oral drug delivery technologies, as well as provide clinical trial finished product, and will receive milestones and royalties based on net sales of the developed product.

The licensing agreement with Ferring Pharmaceuticals highlights Enteris BioPharma’s successful “Feasibility-to-Licensing” strategy involving Peptelligence, its peptide and small molecule oral drug delivery platform.

The technology is currently the subject of several active external development programs and has proven effective over the last decade to enable the safe delivery of peptide-based therapeutics and other molecules with low oral bioavailability.

Enteris BioPharma CEO and executive chairman Joel Tune said: “Our agreement with Ferring Pharmaceuticals exemplifies the opportunity our Peptelligence platform offers in enhancing the market potential of peptide-based therapeutics by enabling the oral delivery of medications that must otherwise be administered by injection.

“We are excited to work with an industry leader like Ferring Pharmaceuticals to advance the development of an oral peptide-based therapeutic.”

Ferring Pharmaceuticals senior vice president, R&D executive office Alan Harris said: “The ability to deliver oral peptides offers Ferring the opportunity to provide additional therapeutic choices to patients. We are impressed with Enteris’ proprietary oral delivery technology and look forward to working with them to advance this development program.”

Source: Company Press Release