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Malin buys 33% interest in UK's Wren Therapeutics

PBR Staff Writer Published 17 January 2017

Irish life sciences firm Malin has acquired a 33% stake in UK biopharmaceutical company, Wren Therapeutics.

Founded in 2016, Wren was spun out of the University of Cambridge and Lund University, Sweden.

It is engaged in the drug discovery and development for protein misfolding diseases, which include Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, type-2 diabetes, and many rare forms of amyloidosis. 

The company's technology is said to be widely applied to over 30 human protein misfolding diseases. The platform is being used to develop small molecule therapeutics for major neurological and rare disorders. 

Wren co-founder Chris Dobson said: "Alzheimer's disease and its related conditions are currently incurable and represent a huge and increasing challenge to global health care in the 21st century.

"Wren is built on the results of many years of scientific research into the fundamental origins of these conditions, and is uniquely placed to develop rational therapeutic strategies based on the novel principles that have emerged from such studies.”

Malin reserves the right to increase its stake in Wren to 67% as per the transactional terms.

Malin CEO Kelly Martin said:"The creation of Wren provides an example of what is possible to accomplish at the intersection of a unique idea or set of ideas, clarity in understanding particular human health needs, diverse - in their approaches and backgrounds - world class talent and, importantly access to long term, unencumbered and business aligned capital.”

Martin and Malin chief investment officer Adrian Howd will be added to Wren’s board of members. The duo will oversee all matters of Wren like the continued technology advancement and the resulting opportunity assessments for clinical progression.