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SalvaRx, Immunova establish new JV firm Saugatuck Therapeutics

PBR Staff Writer Published 25 September 2017

SalvaRx has signed an agreement with Immunova to create a new joint venture (JV) firm Saugatuck Therapeutics.

The new JV firm will focus on the use of nanolipogel (NLG) technology, which was developed by researchers from Yale University.

The technology will enable to encapsulate different combinations of drugs in a single nanomedicine and deliver selectively to the tumor microenvironment, helping to minimize systemic side-effects.

Saugatuck Therapeutics has acquired an exclusive licence from Yale University through Immunova for use of the NLG platform to deliver DNA aptamers and certain aptamer-based combination products. 

SalvaRx has also entered into a letter of intent (LOI) with D5 Pharma for an anti-PD1 aptamer, which will be initially used in pilot animal experiments in the NLG formulation.

Based on the achievement of certain milestones, SalvaRx will invest in D5 and also form new firm Oncomer to use D5's aptamer creation platform for use in immuno-oncology applications.

SalvaRx CEO Ian Walters said: "We are excited to announce this collaboration between Immunova, Yale, D5, and SalvaRx to create a new generation of combination products. 

This technology offers our scientists the tools to create novel immuno-oncology combinations in a single product.  Our intent is to screen multiple combinations of known and novel targets to enhance antitumor immunity."

 Immunova CEO Brian Horsburgh said: “Our novel formulation technology has the potential for improved delivery of different therapeutic agents, as well as the potential for enhanced safety and efficacy.”

Immunova is an early-stage research and development firm, which is engaged in the development of nanomedicine immunotherapeutics using NLG technology.