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Selexis, OSE partner to advance immunotherapies development for cancer diseases

Published 16 November 2016

Selexis and OSE Immunotherapeutics have signed two service agreements to advance development of immunotherapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

The deals provide OSE Immunotherapeutics with access to high performance research cell banks (RCBs) from the Selexis SUREtechnology Platform.

The agreements are designed to help OSE Immunotherapeutics advance two of its preclinical products based on immune activation and regulation.

Effi-DEM is a new-generation checkpoint inhibitor that blocks the Signal Regulatory Protein-α (SIRP-alpha) receptor expressed by myeloid suppressor cells (MDSC) and tumor-associated macrophages (TAM). MDSC and TAM play a key role in tumor growth.

By specifically targeting the SIRP-alpha receptor, Effi-DEM transforms suppressive cells into effector anti-tumor cells.

Effi-7 is a humanized monoclonal antibody targeting the CD127 receptor (the alpha chain of the Interleukin 7 receptor (IL-7R)). It induces a powerful antagonist effect for better control of the pathogenic T lymphocytes involved in autoimmune diseases.

The strategy of blocking the IL-7 has demonstrated efficacy in restoring the impaired immune balance in autoimmune diseases of the bowel in several preclinical models, such as ulcerative colitis.

Selexis’ proprietary SUREtechnology Platform facilitates the rapid, stable, and cost-effective production of virtually any recombinant protein and provides seamless integration of the biologics development continuum, spanning discovery to commercialization.

Marco Bocci, PhD, DPharm, Selexis vice president, licensing and business development, said: “Our SUREtechnology Platform plays a key role in helping companies, such as OSE Immunotherapeutics, use the body’s own immune system to fight disease and address immune disorders.

“By targeting immune activation and regulation, OSE Immunotherapeutics has the potential through its investigational candidates to address significant unmet needs in cancer, autoimmune diseases and transplantation. We look forward to providing OSE Immunotherapeutics with robust cell lines to support the clinical progression of Effi-DEM and Effi-7.”

Dominique Costantini, chief executive officer of OSE Immunotherapeutics, said: “Collaborations are a key component of our growth strategy, and we are pleased to begin a long-term relationship with Selexis to advance two of our promising immunotherapies into the next phases of development.

“With the assistance of our partners and innovative technologies, we are developing a new generation of first-in-class products that are optimized to better target key receptors of the activation or regulation of immune response.”

Source: Company Press Release