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UK awards more than £120m for global health research

Published 17 July 2017

The UK’s Department of Health has announced that 33 research units and groups will get over £120m funding for global health research.

It comes after an open research competition led by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Following the success of this initial competition, a call for a second round of applications has also been launched today, funded by £40 million from the Department of Health Official Developmental Assistance (ODA) budget.

The aim of this research is to improve the health of patients and public in low and middle-income countries. Such research is vital to protect the UK at home. Disease knows no borders, and we are continually under threat from poorly understood infections and antimicrobial resistance.

Good health is a global endeavour and the UK is a leader in this area of research and innovation.

The selected 33 successful NIHR global health research units and groups include:

  • The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in collaboration with India, The Phillipines, Colombia and Nigeria - to provide global surveillance data for bacterial pathogens through whole genome sequencing, to inform public health policy, and providing resourcing and training for local capacity
  • University of Dundee with India - a large scale clinical partnership between Scotland and India to combat diabetes through genetic epidemiology and pharmacogenetics
  • Swansea University with Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Senegal, Ghana, India, Syria, West Bank - to develop effective and deliverable solutions to improve services and outcomes for patients in the treatment and prevention of burn injuries in conflict
  • University College London with Malawi, Mali, Gambia, Kenya, West Bank and South Africa - Mucosal Pathogens Research Unit addressing pneumonia, meningitis and neonatal sepsis, addressing limitations in the long-term effectiveness of existing vaccines

Health Minister Lord O’Shaughnessy said: "This funding allows our universities to strengthen their research and expertise as leaders in global health research.

"The UK will continue to be at the forefront of health knowledge, and it is only right that we support other nations as they improve care for patients and public."

For the second wave of funding, awards of up to £2 million over 3 years are available for additional global health research groups.

The NIHR are keen to see proposals from world-leading academic groups in the UK that wish to expand into the field of global health working in partnership with researchers in developing countries. Applications close 20 October 2017.

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