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Alpex Pharma is a pharmaceutical company active in the Production, Research and Development of ODT (Orally Dispersible Tablet) also known as ‘fast melt’ and effervescent tablets. Alpex Pharma has developed a unique proprietary covering ODT technology. High manufacturing capacity and advanced Research and Development technology make Alpex Pharma one of the most important companies of the world in the field of fast melt and effervescent tablets. The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing and Research and Development facilities covering 7000 square meters.

Your Swiss partner in the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical and nutritional products

Alpex Pharma is a drug-delivery company that develops improved pharmaceutical products using proprietary technologies and extensive knowledge, developing and producing pharmaceutical products in the form of effervescent tablets and fast melt (ODT) tablets for various third parties.


Effervescent products are based on a chemical incompatibility between bicarbonate and an acidic source. The reaction is an autocatalytic reaction catalysed by the presence of water and heat, that generates CO2 in solution.

The control of the reaction is made by a strict control of the residual amount of moisture during the process and on the final dosage form (tablets).

ODT (Orally Disintergrating Tablet)

Advanced patented technology based on:
wet granulation of drug and excipients in a fluid bed granulator; moisture control during the process and in the manufacturing area; tabletting and packaging.

  • High drug loading: from a few micrograms up to 400-500 mg per tablet.
  • Effective taste masking and wide application.
  • Patent Protection: The fast melt patent issued in the US in 2000, and is pending in other countries


Alpex Pharma produce pharmaceutical products in a completely dedicated area having also undertaken extensive development activities for third parties. They also identify product opportunities and develop them internally in view of finding interested licensing partners.

The Aplex Pharma development plan includes:

  • Drug-excipient compatibility studies
  • Analytical method development
  • Definition of formula
  • Cleaning development
  • Non-pivotal stability studies and reporting.


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