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ASEBIO - Spanish Bioindustry Association

Since 1999, ASEBIO has provided a platform for meeting and promotion for organisations that carry out activities directly or indirectly related to biotechnology in Spain.

To achieve this, ASEBIO works closely with regional, national and European governments, as well as social organisations interested in using biotechnology to improve quality of life, the environment, and create skilled employment.

With its vast number of members, ASEBIO provides the most suitable solutions to meet the challenge of developing the biotechnology sector. To develop this sector, ASEBIO seeks to take advantage of innovation opportunities offered by biotechnology, as a vehicle for social and economic growth in Spain.

ASEBIO is part of and supported by EUROPABIO (the European Association for Bioindustries). ASEBIO is also a member of the CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Employer's Organisations), as well as the SEBBM (Spanish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology).

ASEBIO also has some exciting biotech events coming up. One of which includes Bogota hosting the first edition of BIOLATAM, on December 9th and 10th. This event will be held biannually, on odd years, and seeks to become the leading event in Latin America for the biotechnology sector and the promotion of business opportunities among bio-technology companies, and also between them and the user sectors (pharmaceutical, sanitation products, food, veterinarian, energy, etc.) from all over the world, whose specific interests are pointed towards Latin America. Read our full press release here.

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Website: www.asebio.com

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