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Genetic Analysis - Molecular Diagnostics of Diseases Related to Gut Imbalances

Genetic Analysis AS (GA) offers a DNA based comprehensive gut bacteria analysis and has the goal of being a leader within the field of molecular diagnostics of diseases related to gut imbalances.

There is a growing awareness of the effect of the microbes in the gut on health and metabolism of food and drugs. In spite of this, no workable diagnostic tool has been available to gain insights into the complex bacterial community found in the gut.

GA-map™: Genetic Analysis – microbiota array platform

The GA-map™ technology offers for the first time a rapid, comprehensive and high-throughput gut microbiota analysis. The gut microbiota consists of the bacteria and other microorganisms that are part of the large and small intestine.

GA will focus on five key application areas for use of the GA-map™ technology:

  1. A basic research tool. Useful to better understand the interactions of the various bacteria in the gut. GA is currently looking for collaborative partners who are interested in having an additional tool to understand the relationships between the gut microbiota and various health conditions.
  2. Integrative health market. As an additional alternative to understand the influence of the gut microbiota in wellness management.
  3. Functional food/Nutrigenomics market. GA-map™ can be a useful tool to verify the efficacy of various functional food products, especially with regards documentation of effect of pro- and pre-biotica under the new international food regulations.
  4. Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology industry. GA-map™ can benefit biotech and pharmaceutical companies in several ways:
    a. A useful tool in developing personalized medicine regimes, since an individual's gut microbiota influences the metabolism of drugs and food.
    b. An improved selection of population for successful clinical phase III studies
    c. A tool for discovery of new drug targets based on selection of specific gut bacteria important for disease development.
    d. A test for possible side-effects of drugs.
  5. Diagnostic tests. GA is also developing diagnostic tests with the GA-map™ technology related to specific diseases where imbalance in the gut microbiota can be used as an early indicator of onset of disease.

The GA-map™ platform technology is based on a combination of patented technology, a special software package, and in-house know-how. A more detailed information on the GA-map™ technology platform can be found in our Technology Description which is part of the White Paper section. Taken together, the GA-map™ technology platform offers a new and exciting tool to harness the information available from the composition of the gut microbiota.

Please contact us for more information on possible collaborative projects.

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