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GoIndustry DoveBid - Industrial Asset Management, Auction and Valuation Services

GoIndustry DoveBid plc is the global market leader in the provision of asset management, auction and valuation services relating to industrial equipment.

GoIndustry DoveBid delivers innovative solutions that help to value assets accurately, optimise asset utilisation and reduce costs. It combines asset, industry and market expertise with eCommerce technology to service the needs of multi-national corporations, financial institutions, insolvency practitioners, used equipment dealers and asset based lenders throughout the world.

Industrial asset management and auction

If surplus or idle assets are no longer needed, we can help you understand what they are worth, whether they can be re-deployed elsewhere in your organisation, and if not, sell them at auction on your behalf.

GoIndustry DoveBid approaches the market with three distinct advantages. First, we have significant global reach so we are able to provide these services wherever they are needed. Second, most of our business is online, making it more efficient and convenient for both buyers and sellers whether it's for a single piece of equipment or a whole production line. Third, our knowledge of the market across multiple industry sectors is unsurpassed. Since 2000, we have collected information gathered from auctions all over the world and leverage this rich data on a daily basis through accurate valuations and appraisals for the benefit of all our customers.

Asset management solutions and valuation services

Our customers fall into five categories:

  • Multinational manufacturing corporations with whom we have long term forward flow contracts to provide a range of asset management solutions
  • Asset based lenders, financial institutions and banks who require our valuation services in order for them to put the right numbers on the value of equipment, inventory and receivables
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency practitioners, who need our services to help them clear factories
  • Small-to-medium enterprises, for whom we provide a variety of asset management and valuation services
  • Dealers, with whom we work to increase the flow of assets to our auction sales

Each engagement features an evaluation of your assets to help you make sound financial decisions. To ensure that your company gets the maximum return on its investment and the quickest route to sale, we will:

  • Determine the best sales channel such as online auction, live and webcast auction, industry specific online exchange, or sale by private treaty
  • Support your asset sale with extensive marketing resources, technology and tactics, which make the most of the global marketplace
  • Facilitate the sale with cutting-edge Internet technology that streamlines the buying process

GoIndustry DoveBid
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