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INC Research - CRO for Drug and Device Development

Win with Networked Drug Development Alliances Large biopharms are caught between two powerful market forces: the pressure to maximize profits and the need for continual investment in their drug pipelines. For drug development executives, choosing which drugs to commercialize is all about trade-offs -- for example, passing over many pre-clinical compounds to aggressively pursue the highest probability clinical trials that maximize the likelihood of near-term revenue and earnings. Executives know that passing over promising compounds could mean missing their next big hit.
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A New Approach to Outsourced Drug Development A perfect storm is forming within the biopharmaceutical industry. With a growing number of blockbuster drugs losing patent protection, clinical research executives are under immense pressure to bring new drugs to market. As sponsor companies struggle to replace the revenue loss threatened by generics, drug development is becoming more complex and expensive.
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Reducing Risk with the Right CRO Partner For drug developers, finding the right patients, investigators and outsourcing partners is essential. With shareholders demanding improved efficiencies, the resources, reach and expertise of a contract research organization (CRO) can expedite the research and development process.
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