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Lohmann Therapy System (LTS) - Transdermal Therapeutic Systems and Oral Thin Films

LTS is the market leader in alternative drug delivery systems, in the form of transdermal therapeutic systems and oral thin films. We develop and manufacture drug delivery systems that offer patients reliable therapeutic efficacy with total comfort and convenience.


Alternative drug delivery systems

LTS's research and development focuses on two new technologies to complement and expand the potential of alternative drug delivery systems. We are continually developing our transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS), oral thin films (OTF), as well as microneedle technologies.

B2B pharmaceutical partner

LTS leads the way in TTS and OTF. As a B2B partner to the pharmaceutical industry, we offer solutions at all stages of drug development. On behalf of our partners, we develop and manufacture TTS and OTF. LTS' innovative transdermal systems, include injection-free and microneedle systems.

The fact that we do not sell any of our own-branded products makes us a dedicated technology partner to the pharmaceutical industry, rather than a competitor against classical pharmaceutical companies. Specifically, we do not develop any of our own active substances. Instead, we focus our expertise on the development of new, innovative drug delivery systems that specialise in the transdermal application of existing and novel agents.

Based on a successful feasibility study, LTS develops the ideal delivery system for each customer and each substance.


Patches and oral wafers

LTS produces patches and oral wafers in any batch size for all global markets, thus offering a comprehensive full service, including packaging development and support in the drug approval process as required.

Complementing its full-service approach, LTS also takes on subsidiary tasks, such as production as a contract manufacturer.

Drug delivery manufacturing partner

To achieve success in TTS and OTF, you need a strong, experienced and commited pharmaceutical partner at your side. As a market leader, LTS fulfils all these requirements.

We have developed the most TTS products onto the market. Our transdermal patches make treatment much easier for a large number of patients.

LTS has the experience and expertise to develop and manufacture successful products right up to market approval. LTS has sufficient capacity to manufacture the batch sizes required for global sales and high-volume products. Two identical production facilities in Germany and the US secure supply chain reliability even in crisis periods. We also have production capabilities of varying sizes to operate all demands, from early drug development to large-scale production campaigns.

We are recognised by all major health authorities across the world and have broad experience in the field of hormone therapy as well as anaesthetics narcotic substances. We systematically separate the production of hormone products from non-hormone products in order to avoid any risk of possible cross-contamination.

We support each of our clients with our very own development team, which can also be integrated into clients' research teams. On the basis of mutual trust, LTS provides customers with total transparency in all project phases.


LTS as a partner for healthcare innovations

LTS covers all the relevant technical steps in drug development - from feasibility studies for your drug right up to the market launch and subsequent large-scale manufacturing. LTS manufactures for the global markets of your choice, making use of our expertise as an innovative market leader.

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