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SIRION BIOTECH - Novel In Vitro Cell Models For Improved Compound & Target Research

SIRION BIOTECH specialises in viral vector platforms and provides sophisticated cell modelling, which enables a highly improved target identification and compound screening in the drug, food and cosmetic industries

Sophisticated technology for improved cell models

The technology leader in the field of functional gene analysis and cell models for early research has built a sophisticated technology platform consisting of:

  • Viral vectors (Adenovirus, Lentivirus, Adeno-Associated Virus)
  • Advanced siRNA-validation technology (RNAiONE™) for knockdowns of nearly 100%.


Cells by Design™

SIRION BIOTECH offers Cells by Design™ that come as:

  • Customized in vitro cell models
  • SenCELL™cell lines with built-in reporter genes, e.g. Hypoxia or sensory taste cells

Primary Cell Immortalizations, 3D Cell Cultures & Adenovirus Serotypes as Vaccines

SIRION BIOTECH'S specialisation in this field allows for greater chances of success with primary cell immortalisations. Only with such specialization is it possible to construct adenovirus serotype vectors which may serve as the basis for novel future vaccines with improved immunity.


Multiple ways exist to work with SIRION BIOTECH ranging from

  • Fee for Service as part of a MasterService Agreements - typical for custom viruses or shRNA validation
  • Exclusive rights on single clones in cases of customised in vitro cell models - typical for tailor made cell models, immortalisation services or 3D cell models
  • Joint development at cost plus and agreed upon milestones and royalties, typically for new in vitro systems and new adenovirus serotypes

Changing the paradigm of in vitro cell modelling

Founded in 2006 by scientists from Munich University (LMU) the idea behind SIRION BIOTECH was to change the paradigm of in vitro cell modelling for more effective target & compound research. Since then, SIRION BIOTECH has been filing several patent applications and has been refining its technical competence in hundreds of client projects. Clients and Alliance Partners range from across Europe, Japan and the U.S.


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