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Tailor Made Clonal Cell Lines


Custom cell lines created and modified with an expression vector of your choice with optimal transgene expression, guaranteed stability, reliable cell banking and ready-to-use in just 4-6 weeks.

Service Comprises

  • Transfection/transduction of Your Cell Line with an expression vector of your choice
  • Generation of stable cell pools by antibiotic selection.
  • Establishment of single cell clones using the Genetix Clone Select Imager
  • Small scale expansion of individual clones
  • Identification of "High Performers" via quantification of target gene or GOI expression by qRT-PCR and/or Western Blot relative to control cells
  • Large scale expansion and cell banking of selected clones
  • Final QC: Transgene expression, growth characteristics, long-term cultivation (20 passages) optional: marker gene expression profiling, genotyping, genomic mapping of transgene integration site


  • Clonal cell lines with optimal transgene expression
  • Guaranteed stability of cell clones
  • Cell banking of individual cell clones for high inter assay stability
  • Frozen cells ready-to-use

Available service

  • Clonal Gene Knockdown cell lines
  • Clonal Gene Overexpression cell lines
  • Clonal Reporter Gene cell lines (e.g. luciferase, fluorescent reporter)
  • Clonal FRT cell lines for isogenic transgene expression
  • Clonal cell lines for TET ON/TET-OFF inducible gene expression