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Extending Soft Gelatin Capsule Benefits to Novel Fixed Dose Combinations: Unigel

Published 26 January 2015 | By Softigel pbr

Fixed dose combinations are desirable for several reasons such as different release profiles and guaranteeing patientsĀ“ compliance by reducing the daily intake of a drug product(s).

Currently, there are several options for fixed dose combinations like bilayer tablets. However, additional to the manufacturing challenges that this option represents, until now there has not been a fixed dose combination that could incorporate the benefits of soft capsules, like high dose precision, containment for high potent compounds and increased bioavailability for low solubility/permeability BCS compounds, among others.

Softigel, a division of Procaps, introduces Unigel, a unique technology that allows incorporating the benefits of the softgel dosage form for fixed dose combinations, with a great number of benefits, such as: fast and sustained-release in a single dose, gastric or intestinal release in the same dose, fewer intakes to be administrated, reduces number of prescriptions prescribed by a physician, reduces liability issues related to physicians' prescriptions, smaller number of presentations to maintain, simplicity of regimen reduces mistakes, impossible to be falsified.

Unique formulations have been developed on Unigel for different therapeutic conditions, for more info visit www.softigel.com or contact us at Softigel@procaps.com.co.