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Synovo – Innovation in Inflammation

Synovo is a pre-clinical contract research organisation who provide fast flexible support in the fields of in vivo pharmacology and Chemistry.

In vivo pharmacology:

  • Disease models
  • Toxicological assessment
  • Pharmacokinetics and distribution
  • Experimental formulation


  • Analog synthesis
  • Preparation of literature/patent examples
  • Verification of patent literature
  • Up-scale, structure verification
  • Formulation

Synovo has a long track record of support for projects that have reached clinical development. Their approach of providing both rapid turn-around and assays tuned to the specific needs of the project have resulted in very cost-effective results for clients.

Establishing parameters using human derived cells, proteins and systems

Synovo's main pharmacology activities are based on assays and models for the selection of drug candidates with improved properties of Absorption, Disposition, Metabolism and Elimination (ADME or DMPK). Synovo establishes these parameters using human derived cells, proteins and systems wherever feasible to ensure the relevance of its data to use in man.

Synovo is engaged in projects in the fields of anti-inflammatory and immune suppressive drug optimization on behalf of clients from the pharmaceutical industry. Synovo is also working in partnership with public sector laboratories to improve its systems and extend its technologies to protein and nucleic acid drugs.

Laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art air handling and climate control

Based in Tübingen, home of one of the best known Universities in Germany, Synovo benefits from access to cutting edge technology, highly skilled staff and a magnificent location over looking the Schwabian Alps.

Synovo's team works in a new facility provided through the Technology Park Tübingen Reutlingen (TTR) Consortium. The laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art air handling and climate control to ensure an optimal working environment and environmentally responsible energy use.

Along with sound environmental policies, the company is committed to developing its people and playing a role in the training of students via work experience. Synovo and its team, welcomes contact from schools and community groups and is happy to discuss the role of the pharmaceutical industry in improving their standard of living.


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