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Trinean - UV-VIS Spectral Analysis of DNA/RNA, Protein or Small Compounds

Trinean develops and produces a new approach for high throughput full scan UV-VIS spectral analysis of microliter droplets of DNA/RNA, protein or small compounds.

Trinean is a premium instrumentation company, pushing the boundaries of micro-volume molecular spectroscopy to a next level, with a strong focus on accuracy, throughput and sample quality assessment. Trinean brings value to its customers by combining first-in-class analytical software with proprietary, standardized read-out platforms thereby helping scientists around the globe to save time and money on costly samples and reagents while gaining in accuracy and speed.


Founded in 2006 as a spin-out of the Ghent University, Belgium and Imec Leuven, Belgium, the company develops and commercializes analytical platforms for precise quantification of biological samples and in-depth sample purity analysis. Trinean's UV/VIS readers combined with microfluidic sample carriers, allow for fast UV/VIS analysis of droplet samples (2µl), extracting accurate quantitative information while detecting sample contaminants. The Trinean technology is the method of choice for QC and QA of DNA, RNA or Protein samples, given its sample purity analysis, dynamic range and operational efficiency.

Trinean products include two platforms: the Xpose™ for 'Touch & Go' bio-molecule quantification and the DropSense96™, analyzing up to 96 samples, using microfluidic chips for standardized sample analysis (DropPlates and Xpose Slides). The Trinean platform is complemented with a software toolbox (including DropControl, DropQuant, cDrop™) for improved data interpretation and lab-automation.

More information at www.trinean.com